Orthopaedic Physical Therapy

Posted on 05-24-2024 in physical therapy, Sports Medicine, sports injuries & surgery by Dr. Sonya Ahmed

In orthopaedics, physical therapy, or PT as it is commonly referred to, uses hands-on care, patient education and prescribed movement to improve a patient’s quality of life. Working with your orthopaedic specialist, a physical therapist can help you improve mobility and function, manage pain and chronic disease, recover from and prevent injury, and avoid surgery or extensive rehabilitation afterward.

What are the benefits of physical therapy?

By developing a strategic treatment plan, physical therapy offers care tailored to your injury or condition, age and ability, body, and lifestyle. According to the American Physical Therapy Association, physical therapy can help:

How does physical therapy work?

Physical therapy is primarily exercises that focus on specific movements that improve mobility coordination and muscle strength. Sessions with a physical therapist mainly involve educating patients on what activities to do and how to do them correctly. The physical therapist begins by demonstrating the movement and then allowing the patient to mimic the exercise.

Therapists may also move parts of the patient’s body in a certain way, called passive exercises. These guided movements may be needed to improve the ability to move a stiff or locked joint. They can also prepare the patient’s body for active exercises if, for example, they can’t move their leg or arm themselves yet. Other than exercises, massage and hand movements to relax muscles and connective tissue and physical therapy treatments based on physical stimuli may be appropriate for the patient. 

At North Florida Bone & Joint Specialists, on-site physical therapy is available at the Davis Highway and Midway office locations. Dr. Sonya Ahmed specializes in various foot and ankle conditions and offers a wide range of innovative procedures, including minimally invasive treatment and surgical intervention. If you have any questions or concerns about your foot health, please call 850-435-4800 or complete our online Appointment Request form to schedule a visit.

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