Knee Osteoarthritis Study Participants Needed

Posted on 07-18-2024 in Knee Osteoarthritis, Clinical Study, Knee & Knee Pain by Dr. Joshua Hackel

Knee osteoarthritis is typically the result of progressive wear and tear on the joint as we age and is one of the leading causes of disability. It can be hard when the pain, swelling, and stiffness from knee osteoarthritis prevent you from enjoying your life. Patients suffering from knee OA often have difficulty performing daily activities such as sleeping, walking, using stairs, bending down, caring for their family, working, and doing their favorite activities.

Have You Tried Conservative Options with Limited Relief and Are Not Ready for Major Surgery?

Surgery is not the first step. Many patients try conservative options first (ex., physical therapy, corticosteroids, other injections, activity modification). Over time, these interventions may provide limited relief. There are not many effective treatment options available to patients who have tried conservative options but are ready for major surgery. 

What is the purpose of the study, and how does it work?

We are searching for new ways to help treat knee osteoarthritis (OA). The ARISE II study will examine how well a naturally, minimally invasive investigational therapy using your own MicroFat helps treat pain and function for patients with mild to moderate knee osteoarthritis. 

Patients who qualify for the study and choose to participate will be required to sign an informed consent form and receive all study-related care and investigational devices from a trained physician and team at no cost. Participants may be compensated for travel and expenses for each completed study visit.

To learn more about the study, download the ARISE II Clinical Trial Overview for additional details and frequently asked questions. Interested study participants should contact Dr. Josh Hackel at 850-916-8783 or visit his web page to learn more about his experience and qualifications.

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