Kronlage and O'Grady Perform Life-changing Outreach

Posted on February 22, 2023 in Missions & Outreach by Dr. Steven Kronlage & Dr. Chris O'Grady

Late last month, North Florida Bone and Joint Specialists orthopaedic surgeons Dr. Steven Kronlage and Dr. Chris O'Grady performed a life-changing procedure on two ½-year-old Nassir Andrew from Grenada through their newly formed non-profit, Hands of Hope Medical Mission (HoHMM). Drs. Kronlage and O'Grady, who also serve as Co-Presidents of HoHMM, performed the organization's first sponsored stateside patient operation at the Andrews Institute Ambulatory Surgery Center.

Born with brachial plexus palsy, Drs. Kronlage and O'Grady addressed the residual contracture of Andrew's elbow and shoulder resulting from neurologic injury sustained during birth. He also spent time with the practice's certified hand therapist, who gave him night splints to extend his elbow. While his hand and forearm still have some deficits, the procedure allowed Andrew to regain the function of many affected nerves and raise his arm above his head for the first time.

"Nassir may learn to work around the deficits in his hand and forearm, or he may need to return for additional procedures, including tendon transfers or releases. Marta, our certified hand therapist, and I look forward to following up with him via telehealth visits from his home in Grenada. We are so proud of how far he's come already," said Dr. Kronlage.

In addition to procedures in the U.S., Drs. Kronlage and O'Grady perform specialized surgical interventions in Ecuador and other underserved populations worldwide who would not otherwise have access to comprehensive care. The physicians also coordinate volunteers to travel with them to assist in various supporting roles, including nurses and surgical technicians. HoHMM is also responsible for fundraising endeavors to support the organization's mission.

"I am heading to Ecuador again in June to perform procedures on a few cases and coordinate a fundraising bike ride through the beautiful Ecuadorian countryside to benefit Hands of Hope. We truly appreciate the generous support of our event participants abroad and community partners here at home, including the Andrews Institute Ambulatory Surgery Center," said Dr. O'Grady.

Drs. Kronlage and O'Grady will return to Ecuador again this fall with additional volunteer support to perform a full slate of surgical cases. Dr. Kronlage also has a trip to Mexico planned for early 2023. Visit Hands of Hope Medical Mission online or our Outreach page to learn more about our various initiatives and programs.

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