Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome (GTPS) occurs when the trochanteric bursa becomes inflamed, causing pain and tenderness in the lateral or outer side of the hip.

The trochanteric bursae are located on the outer sides at the top of each femur. Each of these bursae are located between the gluteus tendons (medius and minimus) and the greater trochanter of the femur. The trochanteric bursae function as other bursae do, acting as a shock absorber and lubricant as the tendons adjacent to bones and other tendons move across one another. On occasion, the gluteus medius or minimus tendons at the insertion onto the greater trochanter may become inflamed due to a sudden injury or repetitive motion leading to the pain commonly referred to as trochanteric bursitis.  In actuality, this pain is more of a tendonitis than a true bursitis.