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Posted on 05-24-2024 in Foot/Ankle & Plantar Fasciitis by Dr. Erik Nilssen

Many of us tend to take our feet for granted, however, when there is a problem, we begin to realize just how important healthy feet really are. The muscles, ligaments, and tendons of our feet allow us to perform numerous complex activities that require motion and balance. These activities range from standing upright to walking, jogging, and jumping.

The Anatomy of the Foot:


  1. The forefoot – contains five long bones and five toes.
  2. The midfoot – a collection of bones that resembles a pyramid and forms the arches of the feet.
  3. The hindfoot – creates the ankle and the heel.

Proper Foot Care is a Necessity, Not an Option

If your career requires that you are on your feet all day, there is a good chance that you have already experienced some form of foot pain: The good news is that with the assistance of Dr. Erik Nilssen (an experienced ankle and foot surgeon), the cause of your foot pain can be determined. Once he discovers what is causing your foot pain, he will recommend the treatment that he believes will serve you the best. Treatments can range from night splints to custom-made orthotic devices or surgical intervention.

Preventing Foot Pain

Many times, wearing a shoe that fits you properly and is the right shoe for the job can prevent the onset of foot pain. Taking care of your feet now can ward off additional problems in the future. Consider massaging, icing (15-20 minutes three times a day – never place ice directly against your skin, wrap it in a cloth first) and elevating your feet after a long day at work.

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